Friday, April 29, 2011

Weddings...*sniff, sniff*

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the royal wedding this morning (dark and early)...

...I was 2 when Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married.  I watched it on You-tube though...don't worry.

Today's ceremony was beautiful...and the music...I hope they listened to the words.  WOW...deeply Biblical. 
I can't watch a wedding without thinking of my own elegant, candlelit ceremony...
I felt like a princess that day!  We look more and more like kids each year I look back on these pictures.  Now we have kids!  Ha..I know it's cliche but...time flies!


Barbara H. said...

I haven't watched it yet -- I only saw about half an hour while getting ready this morning, probably the least exciting part as they were leaving the church. But what I heard of the music was gorgeous. And one of the commentators was even pointing out some of the things that were mentioned in prayer.


There was so much truth spoken in the wedding. It was fun to see your beautiful pictures.