Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Traveling Soli Deo Gloria

I'm traveling with my Loverbrains.  I make a good traveling wife...I LOVE having a crisp, clean bed to slip into every night.  Ahhhh....

Yes, yes...the kids are here too.  It's still SO peaceful and nice.  Granted, we are in our old hometown...visiting LOTS of friends...dinner engagements every.night.  But, the peace I'm getting at...is inner peace.  Yeah, peace with God.

See, about a year ago...I was NOT handling the "my husband travels alot" thang very well.  AT.ALL.  I threw a couple of temper tantrums...pouted and made everyone miserable.  It was suggested to me that I travel with him...

At first, I scoffed and rolled my eyes.  I threw several more temper tantrums about the impracticality of such an idea.  Don't people see these two blond munchkins?  Don't they see I have a life??  I can't just drop it and go.  Don't people realize how difficult and hard and impossible that would be?

Life was not good.  I was in a valley and there was no where to look but up.  I started to pray about it. 

And then, God started working on me.  He opened my eyes... to how much my husband really did miss me and the kids.  He opened my heart...so that I cared more about Loverbrains, and us, than any temporary inconvenience.  He urged me to go.  So, I did.

AND...surprise, surprise....

God blessed it.  Whether the hotel is small or large...whether they have an indoor pool or not...whether we know everyone or no one...we are together.  We enjoy it.  They are like mini vacations.  True, we miss him during the work day...but we do that at home, too.  He sometimes has to work after dinner...but sometimes he has to do that at home, too.  My perspective has changed.

I still have my bad days.  I get grouchy, Oscar green with envy when he goes to Paris without me.  I get frustrated when it rains and we are stuck inside.  But, hopefully...I recover my perspective a little quicker these days.

He's changing me, My Blessed Savior.
I'm not the same person that I used to be.
Well, it's been slow goin', but there's a knowin'...
that some day perfect I will be.

Little by little and day by day,
Little by little in every way
Jesus is changing me (He's changing me)
Since I made a turnabout face
I've been growin' in His grace
Jesus is changing me (He's changing me)!


Joyce said...

I tag along when I can too...its good you've learned contentment in your circumstances and are enjoying these days together.


What great fun memories your family will have. And some of the goofy things that happen when you travel . . . well, later they are great memories, too.

It is so great that you were able to think this through, pray and get a different perspective.


Jen said...

My husband just started traveling for his job for the first time ever and it is hard. I really appreciate your perspective shift -- you are an inspiration. So glad you linked up today at SDG.

bekahcubed said...

Thank you so much, Bobbi, for sharing your story. It reminds me to walk in contentment in the day-to-day, in every single moment God prepares for me.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Great memories for your family! How neat that you can all go with him sometimes. And your stepping back and giving the situation a second look is so wise. Thanks for this.