Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings...Reading...

I enjoyed this post of reading pictures and quotes about reading...HERE!

A great article, "You are what--and how--you read"...Here's my favorite paragraph..."In short, we honor God with our reading diligence. We honor God with our reading sacrifice. If you watch two hours of TV and surf the internet for three, what would happen if you abandoned these habits for reading the Bible and the Puritans? For real. Could the best solution to the sin that enslaves us be just that simple and difficult all at the same time? We create Christian communities that are safe places to struggle because we know sin is also "lurking at [our] door." God tells us that sin's "desire is for you, but you shall have mastery over it" (Gen. 4:7). Sin isn't a matter of knowing better, it isn't (only) a series of bad choices—and if it were, we wouldn't need a Savior, just need a new app on our iPhone."

Another great article, "Three Reasons To Diversify Your Reading" favorite point, "Reading more broadly allows you to have another connection point with non-Christians that helps you to have meaningful discussions (whether at work, the gym, traditional or online book clubs or Starbucks) that can also lead to opportunities to share the gospel."  Amen!!  Enough with hiding in the Christian bubble...POP!

This is interesting...about how much time people of various ages spend reading.  I admit I was surprised by this data.  But, I also have a question...Is any of the "screen time" data actually screen reading time?  I read ALOT on my ipad...which is technically a screen.  Just sayin'...

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