Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sew Saturday: New Ruffle Skirt

I adore my patriotic ruffle skirt.  I made it many moons ago when I was making matching outfits for Emma and me.  She has long since outgrown hers.  If I was a really good blogger I'd hunt through the archives and find the adorable picture of the two of us...but I'm not feeling it today.  I felt I searched...and I matched us HERE, and HERE and HERE....but if you think I can find these patriotic skirts you are wrong.  See!?  This is why I don't search the archives. 
I got this fun fabric remnant from my friend Tammy.  She said she thought she'd backed a quilt with it...I loved it...and in her normally generous manner she handed it to me.
Hilairously, it has purple in it.  Which she and everyone else knows I don't like.  With orange it's totally rad.  It does remind me of an old 70s print...a sofa maybe.  In the greatest, most amazing sense of that thought, of course.
I found some tiny polka dotted orange while visiting my mother.  This is basically a pillowcase skirt...with an added ruffle.
I just use a fat quarter cut into four strips for the ruffle.  About 4".  You really can't see the seams once it's all ruffled up.
My plan is to wear it on Sunday...maybe I'll even remember to take a picture for ya'll.  I have the perfect lavendar scarf to wear in my hair (thanks Mom!) and I'm not sure if my top will be white or black...Gotta try stuff on...ya know.  Anyhewdall...Happy Sew Saturday Dear Void.

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