Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Fiction?

Reading.  I usually read a lot of fiction in the summertime.  But lately, I've found myself feeling guilty about this use of time.  Over the years I've tried to be sure not to read junk...smut, horror, etc.  But, I love a good Agatha Christie or Louis L'amour.  I love bookstores and libraries....and recently realized I have a bookmark collection to die for.  (I feel sorry for my unused they feel lonely?  Should I circulate them more carefully?) 

*Ahem...I digress...

This last year I really examined the use of my time...wanting none of it to be wasted.  I want to walk worthy, be ready, and found pleasing when I meet it in the clouds or in glory.  I've been reading some great books...classics and just a whole lot of HIS WORD.  I have been reading super helpful books that teach me loads about God's character and attributes.  I am reading books on counseling, parenting, marriage...and sometimes it seems all so very heavy. 

For the most point I enjoy it and see it as worthy of my time...of God's time.  But, is fiction then just frivolous drivel?  Is it worthy? 

I count the other books worthy because I feel they make me more useful to Christ...and in some cases they help me understand Him better and thus, serve Him better.  So, does fiction make me useful to Christ?  Certainly neither fiction or non fiction is useful if it becomes an idol...and sits in the place that God should have...first place, that is.  But, it does help me relax and refocus.  I tease Loverbrains that reading fiction lets your brain work on those other things...those worries, stresses, and seriousnesses.  I have no idea if that's true or not.  But in a way, for me, it works as a vacation for the brain.  After reading a fictitious account...I am returning from a world very different from my own...I am able to again focus my thoughts on the seriousness and learning again.  Nothing should become an excess, of course...but just because it doesn't add to a bank of knowledge it does add to me by helping me step away and then step back into life again...and be more usable to my Master.

Please excuse me...I have date with a book, iced coffee and a comfy chair.


Barbara H. said...

I am actually working on a post about reading fiction - Christian fiction specifically, but I am starting with reasons to read at all, then reasons to read fiction, then reasons to read Christian fiction. I think this is a very valid one.

Nonnie said...

I appreciate your thoughts about this as it is something I have pondered many times myself. The books I have read over the past few years have been the type you describe - those that teach and help me to grow in all areas of my Christian walk because that is my top priority. However, of recent times, I have found Christian fiction to be an enjoyable pastime and have allowed myself to enjoy it since we seldom watch television and rarely go to movies. There are some good Christian writers, Francine Rivers, Randy Alcorn, and I just discovered Randy Singer. Sooooo, hope you are enjoying your books as I am.