Friday, February 25, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness: Better late than never?

I know, I know...for a girl who loves CR Fridays...I'm late in the game posting today.  My stomach feels like this picture.  I had a MASSIVE migraine yesterday.  No idea why...I've been doing so well on this new med.  My stomach sort of felt "off" after the pain left.  I went to bed after consuming several TUMS...and woke feeling dreadful...still.

Since I was thinking flu was sweet Loverbrains put me back to bed and stayed home.  I knew he had a busy I rallied and tried to get my act together....8 still wasn't happening...then around 10, I heard the piano.  Not just the kids playing...chromatics, scales, etc. one, but possibly myself, can play the piano in our household.

So, I shlumped downstairs and scared our piano tuner to death!, but he did say..."Don't come close to me!"  I had a key sticking (so annoying) and he'd come to fix it.  AND...randomly....I realized I felt much better.  So, I took a shower...amazing how rejuvenating that can be...and sent my Loverbrains to work.  He was so cute...nervous to leave me.  I must still look ROUGH...hehehe!  I told him...I don't feel like cooking he might be cooking dinner...but I'm okay to putter about with the kids.

Another random I type this...Emma has his scientific calculator and is typing away furiously to keep time with me.  HEHEHE!  Aw...isn't that so cute??'m going to force myself to do nothing today...I'm really praying this is a long running migraine and not the flu.  I detest the flu...I'd rather have anything else.  Ickity, ick, ick!!

Random final note...this isn't a caffeinated post...COFFEE is not a good additive to my little tummy right now...and I feel so know how I give all the decaf gals a hard time!  HAHA!  "Turn about is fair play" that the saying?

NOTE:  Michelle hasn't posted a link today.  AND after announcing their upcoming move and recovering from the flu, etc.  I figure...that's a good clue that we all need to PRAY for case you aren't already!!


Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well! I hope it's on its way out, whatever it is.

Love that your little one is pounding on the calculator with you!

It's Grace said...

Bobbi, I hope and pray you feel better. Migraines and the flu, whichever it turns out to be, both are miserable.

Thanks for the reminder about Michelle not feeling well, I'll be praying for her.

Hope you have a terrific weekend..

BTW, that coffee mug is awesome!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Love your heart, girl. So thoughtful of you to think of Michelle.

I'm sorry you haven't been well - I haven't been either. Did we share germs last weekend? Too much talking? HA!

Love that your little peanut was trying to emulate you - smart little girl!

Have a great weekend, dear one!