Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mama's Heart: Quiet *non-grumpy* Time!

The more I work on my star chart and meditate on Proverbs 15:1, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger"  ...the more convicted I become. 
I've been getting up at 5 for over a year now...but due to migraines (and, okay, general laziness) time has slipped by a half hour.  Now, lest you think me crazy or strangely pious, I live in a house of early rising children.  And I know this...they will be up at 6...period.  So, it should not surprise me and bring harsh words to my tongue when they get up...and my quiet time is not quite at it's close.  And yet, the harsh words are so readily there!
I found it beyond humbling when my little sweet girl got out her "journal" and had her own quiet time today.  She told me she was writing to Jesus...and although I don't think she knows what that means opens up many doors to gently give answers about what I'm doing with my coffee and journal each morning when she tiptoes down the stairs.
Pray for me...because it is hard when the younger sweet boobah awakes, and demands...and I must breathe...and choose to answer gently.  I must choose to instruct gently ...that this is QUIET TIME...and you need to sit quietly and write or read your Bible while MomE finishes talking with God!  This is important in MomE's day...and God wants to teach all of us from His Word!

O Dear Lord,  Give me a patient and loving heart with my children each morning.  Help me to teach them how much You mean to me.  Help them to truly understand their need of a Savior....oh, Lord...that they would call upon you for so great a salvation!  Help me to answer gently...and keep harsh words from my lips!  In Your precious Son's name, Amen!

It's Grace


Jensamom23 said...

How wise of you to realize this and explain it to your children so well. I often get short with my kidnicks if they "interrupt" my alone time in the wee hours. I need to do better. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Precious indeed! Thanks for all your hard work parenting my grandchildren. Love, Mom D

Tracey said...

A patient and loving heart - something I stand much in need of as well!!

Jen said...

I've had to remember that yelling at children with an open Bible does not exactly send the message that I want.

Loved this post.

Pastor D said...

I remember going through the same thing - exactly the same thing - with my darling baby daughter - about 30 years ago.

I remember thinking, "What's the point of studying the Bible and prayer if you are not going to treat your children well?"


Tiffini said...

I am with your dad. My youngest is 11..the rest older. I went through this season of life. Bless your heart. You are doing such a great job and your heart is good...
I remember my grandma telling me, " this to shall pass." and it did.
God understands we have little remind me again how thankful I am for grace

It's Grace said...

Oh Bobbi, do I ever relate to you on this one!! I love that your sweet girl got up for quiet time, too. You're obviously doing something good there, right? :) Is there anything sweeter than watching our own children reach out to the Lord?

Thank you so much for joining me again this week, it means so much. I'm sorry I didn't visit sooner today; I had a sick little boy at home who needed his Mama.

Now I'm going to read your other post. Oh, and thank you for letting me know about the link. I had to adjust how many columns it was showing. Fortunately an easy fix this time :)


ozjane said...

Bless you as you lead your little ones by example.
Being prepared is all I can suggest, maybe a drink and some small thing out for them as well as paper and pencil or book.
God does provide....He does not test us beyond what we are able..even though I did have to thank Him that the water was 'just' warm enough for a quick shower last night. The storm that has caused the flooding indoors from overflow on the roof, also caused the pilot on the hot water to blow out. Just testing He gently reminded me.