Friday, February 18, 2011

Lyrical Memory & Jazzy Jiven

I've been mellowing out lately...listening to jazz while doing laundry.  One of those little known facts about me is that I sang in college...especially the first two years I was on a vocal scholarship.  Anyhew, I have a weird memory for lyrics...any lyrics (hymns, musicals, etc.)...I remember them almost perfectly.  After years...I know, sort of scary, huh?  Do I get a cookie for this sort of talent?

So...this song came on and I sang almost all of the words...then of course I had to look it up to figure out the rest...cuz otherwise I'd wake up at 2 AM and want to tell Loverbrains or sing a bit of the missing lyrics...Funny, he's really not interested in my singing in the wee hours!  HA! 

Then I saw this (below) one...and boy, that end part where everyone is a different percussion HARD ya'll...I remember learning that...I also remember wanting to clobber one of the guys who couldn't get his part!  HA!

Wow, would I love to hear this group live...Evidentally, they're Swedish...but sing in English...quite well, I'd add...I enjoy their style too...that walking about kind of can get closer to the part you need to hear...or need to NOT hear, etc.

So, how's that for Caffeinated Randomness?


Michelle said...

You get a million brownie points for that talent. I used to be able to sing a least one song form every Disney movie, but that talent has left me. I love this group. You should check if they tour N.A. Check out the King Singers from England. I think you would like them too.

Jen said...

Lots of cookies for you! I can't sing at all, although, I would love to be able to belt something out and have it sound so marvelous!

e-Mom said...

I'll give you a whole handful of cookies...

I remember when you posted their Chili con Carne video. I LOVE Acapella! (Especially in Acapulco.)
They certainly don't seem Swedish.

Friends of ours hosted a group from Oxford (all men.) Just excellent, and I bought their CD. Hmmm... now where is that?

Thanks for tickling my ear lobes today, Bobbi. Good stuff!