Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Reminders: Patience, Rejoicing, & Prayer

I was just reminded of some wonderful little things in 1 Thes. 5....

Be patient with everyone. 
It's sort of referring to the idle, weak, and fainthearted just mentioned earlier in the passage...and when put into this little MomE's mind...I think how it's a special kind of love that's patient.  It requires a loving attitude.

Coffee Cake (Literally!)....oh, wow!!
Rejoice always.
Remember Neh. 8:8-10..."for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  All the people were upset when they read the law and realized the extent of their sin against God.  They were encouraged to let the joy of the Lord be their strength...Talk about total forgiveness and remarkable encouragement.  I have SO much to be rejoicing about...EVERY DAY!  This attitude...directly connects to the being patient with everyone attitude for me though.  Do you see it?  The rejoicing attitude leads to patient attitude = right attitude!
This is Scruffy's heating vent...if I want to bake I have to stand around her...coincidence that my back hurts...Hmmm?
Pray without ceasing.
And the right attitude towards God...the One with perfect wisdom for every situation....comes from conversation with him.  And, as I've pointed out recently...we can have DIRECT ACCESS through Jesus Christ.  How's your signal?
Really, really...go make this cake NOW!

Quench not the Spirit. 
What stifles or hinders the Spirit?  SIN...yeah...Eph. 6 is more specific...bitterness, anger, evil speaking.  God gives us the power to OBEY him when he tells us to stop doing things.  Ouch, ouch....OUCH!  I am often impatient and not rejoicing...and I like to tell myself that I'll get it right some day.  Sometimes I tell myself to cut myself little breaks in this chaotic season of life...but really...that's not right...I am called to OBEDIENCE!  AND...the Spirit that lives in me...gives me the power to OBEY!

That's enough little reminders for today.  I do encourage you to re-read that chapter...It's short and powerful!


It's Grace said...

"when they realized the extent of their sin against God"...that part really spoke to me. I don't want to ever not be aware of the price that was paid for my transgressions. Not in the form of condemnation, but I just don't ever want to take it for granted. Wow. Great passage.

I think I'll be reading out of Ephesians 6 today. I do not want to stifle the Spirit or miss out on the amazing things God has in store for teaching me.

Your cake looks and sounds delicious!! And your little dog is so cute.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!! Even though it probably just got started.. :)


Rachy said...

I love this chapter, you have tied it together for me in a whole new way. I think I knew how all these could lead to God, but now I really see it. Thank you!

Barbara H. said...

Good reminders, all.

Jen said...

The power to obey. Ugh. That is a bit convicting. What a lesson for me. And I wonder, if I could actually learn this, ingest it, make it a daily part of my life, could my children actually watch me and then realize this for themselves?????

Bobbi said...

@Jen: Short answer: YES. "With God ALL THINGS are possible!!"

Amy Sullivan said...

Love coffee. Love cake. I want a piece of this now!

Quench not the spirit? Yes, ouch, ouch, ouch.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Yep, learning SO much about the power of obeying right now. As you know after our chat this past weekend, I want to forge ahead on much of my dreams but I just still feel God telling me that I'm not ready yet and that's SO disappointing! However, I always remember that His plan for me is good (Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28) so when I start to get a little uneasy about obeying His call, I go right back to those two verses.

I love the way you broke this down, sweet Bobbi. Thank you, dear friend!

Tiffini said...

the joy of the LORD will be your strength is one of my altar card verses this year. One of those times when, in like 3 different places the verse pops up? I will read it before I go to bed tonight! thanks for your inspiration and that cake...that cake. Your killing me girl;)