Monday, February 14, 2011

WIW: Valentine's & Random

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"I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day.  When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon."  ~Anonymous

I thought this was hilarious.  Happy Valentine's to ya'll!  Hope this made you smile!

“Long-term, gospel-motivated obedience can only come from the grace of what Jesus has already done, not the guilt of what we must do.”  -Tullian Tchividjian

I've been thinking on this one for a few weeks.  It bothers me that what we must do is considered GUILT...I think a healthy sense of DUTY wouldn't hurt most Christians in the evangelism department.  And isn't the gospel completely focused on what Jesus did on the cross??

"Humility is like underwear, essential, but indecent if it shows"  ~Helen Nielsen

While I consider this funny...if it SHOWS it's not really Humility in the first place!  Just sayin'...

"True goodness and false niceness are like butter and margarine.  They can look similar, but when life's pressures crank up the heat, only authentic goodness will produce the results you want."  
 ~No More Christian Nice Girl by Paul Coughlin and Jennifer D. Degler

I really enjoyed this one...and in dealing with women I think this shines through..You might have to wait a bit to see it but the difference will come seeping through.


Pastor D said...

I think the grace of what Jesus already did changes our hearts - so that our motivation is love.

Guilt is not a proper motive for obedience because it is actually a bad conscience over disobedience.

We love Jesus so much that we cannot help but share the Gospel with all the people we meet - and we plan to meet people who need the Gospel.

Lisa notes... said...

These are all good, Bobbi! I always enjoy what you save to give back to us on Mondays. A blessing.

Barbara H. said...

Love the first one -- had it as my Facebook status this morning and on my blog in the past.

I think guilt is a step to repentance, which is part of the gospel -- it can work hand in hand with gospel motivated obedience. And I agree a sense of duty is helpful in many areas. Sometimes we start out obeying out of duty or guilt but then in the midst or afterward the better motivations of loving obedience come through.

Funny but true quote about humility!

e-Mom said...

"Humility is like underwear, essential, but indecent if it shows" ~Helen Nielsen

LOVE this... so very clever.

Happy Valentine's Day, Bobbi! ღ

bekahcubed said...

You got a smile out of me! The first was funny, the second thought-provoking, the third funny-but-true, and the fourth oh so true. I definitely want to be butter, not margarine!